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Abram’s journey southwards to Negeb

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Genesis 12:9-10

Decision made without God

Abram moved southwards until he reached Egypt. He missed God’s goal. Is it possible to miss the goal God has envisioned for us?

God allowed for hunger to take place in Canaan. It seemed that God wanted the inhabitants of Canaan to realize how much they needed Abram’s testimony. The timing of the hunger in Canaan exactly when Abram arrived is amazing. Hunger in Canaan was first of all a test for Abram’s faith. Hunger in Canaan was not something unusual. Later we read about two other plagues of hunger (Genesis 26:1; 41:56).

During the time of hunger Abram decided to move farther southwards even to Negeb (opportunities to develop trade), and then even farther to Egypt (opportunities to develop rearing). It is interesting that Abram did not think about going back to Haran or Ur. Abram wanted to avoid the pain of hunger at any price. He lacked faith that God will take care of him even during the time of hunger.

One sin led to another sin. First he left Canaan, the place which God had marked out for him and later Egypt became a scene for a series of failings. Time in Egypt was not only time that was lost but it was a time Abram should be sorry for. Egypt in the Bible is a picture of sin. Abram was not called from one country of sin to another country of sin.

What did Egypt mean for Abraham?

1. In Egypt Abram lied about his wife (it was so called white lying). Sarai was Abram’s sister (Genesis 20:12). What kind of testimony was Abram was for his own wife?

2. Abram almost lost his life.

3. It was in Egypt where the shepherds of Abram quarreled with the shepherds of Lot.

4. Abram and Lot had to depart from each other. What kind of testimony did they bring?

5. In Egypt Abram took Hagar as his wife. Later she was a subject of many problems. Abram did not leave Egypt in Egypt. (We would not have an Israeli-Palestinian conflict if Abram never went to Egypt and never took Hagar as his wife.)

Many problems Abram faced had begun because he did not stay in the place God had called him to. God did not call him to Egypt but to Canaan. As God’s children we were not taken from the world of sin that we would return to sin. Abram lost his testimony in Egypt and for sure he was not a blessing for Egypt.

Lessons for believers:

- A call is directed to each of God’s children.

- Test of faith that Abram faced is a part of life of all believers.

- One has to look upon God rather than upon circumstances.

- Abram’s failing cause us think about our own failings and show us a need to put our life right with God if we do not want to experience spiritual ruin.

Time spent without fellowship with God is time lost for ever!

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