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Covenant with Abraham


Covenant with Abraham

Genesis 12:1-3

Abraham is an important person in the Old Testament, who also played an influential role in the world’s history. He is mentioned in 16 books of the Old Testament and in 11 books of the New Testament. His old name ‘Abram’ means ‘exalted father’ and his new name ‘Abraham’ means ‘father of multitude.’

Genesis 12:1-3 is God’s promise, the fulfillment of which takes almost all the rest of the Scripture.

1. The covenant with Abraham

· Expressed in Genesis 12:1-3, in Ur of the Chaldeans.

· Repeated in Genesis 13:14-17, in Canaan after division with Lot.

· Confirmed in Genesis 15:4-6, 18 in Canaan after meeting with Melchizedek.

· Confirmed a second time in Genesis 17:1-10, in Canaan when God gave Abram a new name before constituting circumcision.

· Enlarged in Genesis 22:17-18 on mount Moriah (Mount of Provision) after the offering of Isaac.

2. The covenant with Abraham is an everlasting covenant (Genesis 17:7-8; 1 Chron. 16:17; Psalm 105:7-12; Isa. 24:5) and it covers the following elements:

· Seed (Genesis 17:2-7; Gal. 3:8.16), which concerns the Lord Jesus Himself.

· Land (Genesis 15:18-21; 17:8).

· Nation (Genesis 12:2; 17:4).

· God’s blessing and protection (Genesis 12:3).

3. What is the meaning of the covenant with Abraham?

3.1 The covenant with Abraham has a meaning for Israel

This meaning of the covenant has been emphasized throughout the history of the Old

Testament, for example:

· Song of gratitude by David: 1 Chron. 16:15-18; Psalm 105:6-11.

· Encouragement for the Israelites against her enemies: 2 Kings 13:23 (Hazael-Jehoahaz).

· Prayer-confession: Neh. 9:7-8 (after building the walls in Jerusalem).

3.2 The covenant with Abraham has a meaning for all believers

The Apostle Paul explains its meaning for Christians in Gal. 3:4.

Stephen even quotes it in his last speech in Acts 7:31 (Genesis 12:1).

3.3 The covenant with Abraham has a meaning for me today!

1. Rom. 4:3

  1. Gal. 3:6
  2. James 2:21-22
  3. Heb. 11:8-9

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