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God’s revolution

God’s revolution

‘The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.’ (John 10:10)

Millions of people around the world today live in terrible circumstances.
1.2 million children are trafficked each year.
126 million children work in the worst forms of child labour.
13% of 7-18 year olds have never been to school.
More than 2 million children have died in armed conflict in the past 10 years and more than 6 million have been seriously injured.
15 million children have lost 1 or both parents to AIDS.

We ask God what He is doing about it. He asks us what we are doing about it? A real revolution is needed! A revolution, in Latin ‘revolutio,’ ‘an about turn’ is a fundamental change in power or organizational structures that takes place in a short period of time.

A revolution is required, in attitude and in Bible interpretation. The Lord Jesus was supernaturally born of a virgin – impossible by human logic. He not only spoke of God, but proved God is real by doing the miraculous. His actions spoke louder than words.

A true church of Jesus Christ will preach the almost forgotten (but not by God) words of the Bible - sin, hell, repentance, holiness, righteousness. It may not be what people want to hear, but it is truth. We must get serious with God. In John 14:12 the Lord Jesus told the disciples that they would do greater works than He did! It happened because they believed Him!

Today there should be a desire to have the heart of the early believers. They loved the Lord Jesus enough to go to jail, even to die for Christ! We need a Christian revolution.

There are two powers that change our world. What are they? They are the power of love and the power of hatred. The power of love comes from God. We are witnesses of two revolutions taking place in the world today: revolution of love and revolution of hatred. Each of us is involved in one of them. Which revolution are you involved in?

The revolution of love versus the revolution of hatred

The Bible tells of God who brings a revolution of love into practice. The background of this revolution is the revolution of his enemy.

The revolution of love made it possible for Adam to have the companion he needed. God loved Adam so much that He gave him the best possible help. God wanted Adam to love Eve. God wanted Eve to love Adam. God wanted Adam and Eve to love their children. Love is the quality that builds and brings life and joy.

The revolution of hatred followed the revolution of love. Someone was not happy that Adam loved his wife or that Eve loved her husband or parents loved their children. And this is why we read the story of Genesis 3 about the fall. As result of the revolution of hatred Adam and Eve were witnesses of the funeral of their younger son Abel. His brother Cain took part in the revolution of hatred. This revolution took away 25 % of population. Hatred is the quality that devastates and brings death and sadness.

The revolution of love

The revolution of love initiated an action. The Bible is full of examples of this revolution. God never agreed with the revolution of hatred. God is love, therefore He loves! God is love and He therefore changes this world with love. The Bible presents an escalation of God’s love. The more people were involved in hatred the more God was ready to show His love.

The revolution of love is based on the foundation that God is love! He is the foundation of the revolution of love! The God of the Bible is the Trinitarian God. The Trinitarian God is a monotheistic God, but not a monistic one. Monism states that God has no relationships. A monistic God concentrates on Himself and expects our obedience but not our love. The Trinitarian God concentrates on others and expects our love and obedience out of love. The God of the Bible is the Trinitarian God. Each Person of the Godhead is described by love and involved in the revolution of love. Monistic gods are not interested in love. They often inspire the revolution of hatred.

The revolution of hatred

The revolution of hatred told the people to live in such a way that God told Noah to build an ark and save what was possible to save.

The revolution of hatred made people build the tower of Babel. There were not able to finish this revolution and today we have so many languages in the world and we cannot understand each other.

The revolution of hatred told people to fight against Abraham, the father of faith. Sodom and Gomorrah are signs of the revolution of hatred. Today we can go to Israel and take a bath in the Dead Sea. This sea tells you of the revolution of hatred.

The revolution of hatred did not want Isaac to be born. The revolution of hatred wanted Jacob to be killed. The revolution of hatred wanted Joseph to be sold and forgotten.

The revolution of hatred wanted to kill Moses when he still was a baby. The revolution of hatred wanted to kill Moses when he has brought the Ten Commandments from God. The revolution of hatred wanted the nation of Israel to be slaves in Egypt. The revolution of hatred wanted all the children of Israel to be drowned in the Red Sea. The revolution of hatred brings death, much death and only death. This is the revolution of death. Hatred kills!

The revolution of hatred wants to change the world! This revolution is not happy with God’s plans for us. This revolution is not happy with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, because the Gospel is God’s instruments in the revolution of love. The revolution of hatred will do everything possible to present God as being absent, not concerned, far away and who never loves us. This revolution would rather present God as a myth or a philosophical concept or a kind of power, but not as God of love.

The Lord Jesus did not bring a religion. He has begun a revolution of life. Bethlehem is the house of bread. The Lord Jesus is the Bread from Heaven! Receiving this bread makes us a part of the revolution of love! We cannot be silent anymore! We cannot hide the Bread of life!

‘And Jesus said unto them, I am the bread of life: he that cometh to me shall never hunger; and he that believeth on me shall never thirst.’ (John 6:35)

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James N. Spurgeon wrote:

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