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Prayer directly from Hades

Luke 16, 19-31
Jude 22-23
1 Corinthians 16, 15

What are missions?

Missions are serving with full dedication in such a way that others may hear the Gospel!

Do I have a desire to submit myself to God in such a way that I do everything that possible so that people with whom I am in touch, will have difficulty in making a decision to go to hell?

What is my mission?
Am I sent? Have I accepted fully the responsibility, which God has entrusted to me?
Why Christians should be active in missions?

1. Two great questions.

The man’s question in the Bible: ‘Am I my brother’s keeper?’ (Genesis 4, 9).
It was Cain, who tried to justify himself, who asked this question.
The second biggest question: ‘And who is my neighbour?’  (Luke 10, 29).
The lawyer did not know who was his neighbour.
Every Christian needs to ask these two questions. Moreover, we need to answer them!

2. Excursion to Hades - Luke 16, 19-31.

Hades is full of people who are crying for missionaries. Hades is a gathering of those who rejected God and face their eternal life without God. They know the reality of spiritual life, but always without God.

Many Christians read the Bible and pray, ‘Here am I, send me!’ and still do nothing for missions and are satisfied with their superficial life. They are not concerned about those who go to Hades. Does the Macedonian Call from the Acts of the Apostles apply to Christians in the 21st century?

4.  Statistics.

Statistics say that only 3 % of believers are engaged in missions.

Christians spend more money for food for their dogs and cats than for missions.

Is it strange that more and more people are going to Hades?

An average member of an Evangelical Church is not able to give a simple testimony about the Lord Jesus.

The Bible is the most read book in the world, but most Christians are not reading more than three chapters a week.

5. Vision.

Some Christians are so happy to go to heaven that they have forgotten those who are on the way to hell. Christians need a vision of hell. This vision will help us to pray together, fast and give our lives for the salvation of those who are lost. The vision for the lost people must start from Christian homes and must include our pockets and our bank accounts.

If I cannot go, I must send somebody.

The biggest need is really to pray. We need a “prayer mentality” that is lost in the present day churches.

Are missions the most important challenge in our lives or do we prefer to hide ourselves behind the walls of our immature churches?

6. Situation of the world.

Out of every 100 people living today, 66 of them have never heard about the Lord Jesus.

70 of them are non-Whites.     
57 are Asians.  
21 are Europeans.
70 cannot read.           
50 of them go to bed hungry.   
1 can boast of University studies.
40 of them are children open for the Gospel.  
6 of them own 50% of world’s riches.
3 of them are very close to Hades, perhaps even today.

All these statistics have no meaning if we do not listen to the Holy Spirit! He wants to work through us!

7. God’s plan for Christians.

Pray more and get concerned in missions.
We need to ask some questions:
What would our church be like if all members were as active as I am?
What would our church be like if all members were giving as much as I am?
What would our church be like if all members were praying as I am?
Can I do more?
Can I give more?
Can I pray more?
Think of those whom you will meet in heaven; those to whom you witnessed about the Lord, and you have pointed to the only Saviour.
If not you, then who?
I not here, then where?
If not now, then when?

James N. Spurgeon wrote:

'A job is at your choice; a ministry is at Christ's call. In a job you expect to receive; in a ministry you expect to give. In a job you give something to get something; in a ministry you return something that has already been given to you. A job depends on your abilities; a ministry depends on your availability to God. A job done well brings you praise; a ministry done well brings honour to Christ.'

This ministry is to bring honour to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!

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