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So Abram departed...

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So Abram departed...

Genesis 12:4-7

1. The price that Abram was not yet ready to pay (Haran).


The city, Ur of the Chaldeans where Abram had been educated was a center of many idolatrous cults, but especially dedicated to the moon god, Nannar. Abram was born when his father Terah was already 160 years of age. (Compare Genesis 11:32 with Genesis 12:4) Terah had taken his whole family, along the river Euphrates in the direction of Canaan. Terah stopped in Haran, 800 km from Ur of the Chaldeans, more or less half way and he never moved again. He died at the age of 205 and he had never seen Canaan. Abram did not make many mistakes in his life but those he made were paralyzing ones. Haran for Abram became a symbol of wasted years. Death of a father is painful but for Abram it was instead a blessing.


2. In Canaan at last! (Gen. 13:15; 15:18; 17:7-8; Gal. 3:16)


When Abram finally reached Canaan, he built an altar to the Lord in Shechem (between Mount Ebal and Mount Gerizim). By building the altar Abram:


- expressed his public testimony regarding his belonging to the Lord;

- established a principle of worshipping God;

- showed that he trusted in God’s promise.


The altar at Shechem was the first altar that was built for the Lord in Canaan. Later Isaac (Gen. 26:24-25), and then Jacob (Gen. 33:18-20) built altars in Shechem to commemorate the revelation of the Lord.


The presence of the unfriendly approaching inhabitants of Canaan was not a discouragement for Abram who lived by faith. Abram kept the balance between building ‘the altar for the Lord’ (Gen. 12:7- 8), and ‘the pitching a tent.’ (Gen. 12:8).


God worked through Abram having in mind the environment where His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ would be born. It was God who chose Canaan as the place where the “Salvation of the world” was going to come down.


3. Vision of God and dedicated Abram’s step of faith.


- Vision is a result of faith. If it is difficult for me to trust God, it is going to be difficult to accept His vision for my life.


- Vision will influence my approach to the question of worshipping God. My love for God and my fascination of God is going to be expressed in my way of worshipping God. Abram was moving forward because he loved God. The way of worshipping God is influenced by the size of my God.

- Vision will result in letting God have control of my life. In the beginning Abram had some difficulties concerning the ‘control question.’ He had to learn a lesson of concentrating on God’s vision for him, because only then God was blessing him.

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